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Bring more people to your streaming service by sharing your streaming data with us! Contact [email protected] with a link to your websites RSS/XML feed containing the following data:


  • stream-id (unique identifier for your stream, must be an integer)
  • stream-name
  • stream-registration-date (Month/Day/Year, ISO, or any standard dating format)
  • stream-user-gender (M,F, or U for Unknown)
  • stream-url (where we send people who click the link)
  • stream-thumbnail
  • stream-user-age
  • stream-viewers-currently
  • stream-mature-content (1 for yes, 0 for all ages)
  • stream-title (description or title, 250 chars maximum)
If you have an embedded player you would like us to use as thumbnails, please include information on how to embed that as well. The embedded player must be able to accept a variable to MUTE the player. Some users prefer to see multiple streams playing on the same page in order to choose the stream they will watch.

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