Make Money Streaming


Many people stream for fun, but it is entirely possible to have fun and make money as you grow your audience!

Choosing Where to Stream

Some streaming networks are designed for a specfic type of streaming, so be sure to stream at the right one for maximum profit!

  • Gaming
    • This is the number one network for streaming video games. It was bought by Amazon and offers Twitch Partners to make substantial money through donations and subscriptions from viewers.
  • Adult
    • Chaturbate: Is one of the best Adult Streaming websites with the ability to pay you in multiple ways, and because the website is designed so well, you will be making a lot of money with this system.

Choosing When to Stream

It will depend on what you are streaming, but in general, Sunday, Saturday, Friday, and Wednesday are the best days to stream.

Social Media

Do not under estimate the power of building your brand (you are a brand now, even if you are just a person) on social media. People use twitter and/or facebook daily, unlike whichever streaming site you use. Use social media as a way to keep in touch between days you stream and to draw them back in when you go live.


You can make money and have fun! If you need help, just contact us!